Lake Area Furry Friends: The Livejournal

A general discussion, event planning, and hangout for furs in the IL/WI region

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Lake Area Furry Friends
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Furries in the Illinois Wisconsin Indiana Great Lakes Region plan events for real life
This is the LJ community for the Lake Area Furry Friends, a local area furry mailing list centered around the northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin area. The list is used for furs to gather together for outings and meet other furry friends online.

The purpose of this livejournal is a resource to preplan events, field for opinions, post pictures of events and just general discussion about the local furry scene.

Check out the webpage for more info at: http://www.lafflist.org/wiki/Main_Page
To join the actually mailing list, info is at: http://www.lafflist.org/wiki/Join_the_List!

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