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[29 Sep 2010|11:13pm]

Listen up, Fur Folks! It's suddenly cold! And with it being suddenly cold, it means Softball season is almost over! Even better, it's time to repost this with only three days to go! Yes, regretfully, October will be the last softball game for the year. But it doesn't have to end there!

After softball (or hell, not goin to softball? Just come out to see us anyway!) come out to Battle of the Belts at Toyota Park and cheer for Pawnce Puma (and me by proxy!), wrestling in the main event! For those of you who don't want to look at the obvious poster above, it starts at 7PM at 7000 Harlem Ave in Bridgeview, IL.

It's only a 30 minute trip up from Lombard! This is our biggest show of the year, so we want as many people as we can get!

(PS- Front Row tickets have already sold out!)
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Commissions! [29 Sep 2010|08:28pm]


I am taking commissions and have a special going on icons right now. Please see my FA for details.


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Indian Summer '10 [09 Sep 2010|03:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Gonna be heading to Indian Summer tomorrow at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. Was just wondering if maybe there was anyone that was planning on going or might go that would be interested in meeting up there. I sent out a thing on the lafflist mailing list thing... but since I've never really used it, not sure how it works or if it went through ^^;

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Missing Girl in LAFFList Area! [08 Sep 2010|03:50am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


Please read below and pass on to other places to get the word out. She's a friend of mine and her daughter went missing. Heh. I'm invoking our version of the Twilight Bark.

From liminalia:

This is my daughter Morgan. She's 16 and she ran away from home yesterday. Friends say she hopped a Megabus to the Carbondale, IL area to attend the upcoming Rainbow Gathering Oct. 1. She may change her destination if she knows she is being looked for. She's supposedly traveling with 2 guys named Tim and Josh, both Caucasian, early 20s or late teens, one with a "cholo tear" tattoo near his eye. She's 5'5", 120#, reddish-blonde hair, long bangs and sidelocks, short in back, always wears her jean vest with studs and patches on it. She may be begging for spare change. If you see her, *please* contact me and the police! 16 is too young to be running around the country on her own. I'm very worried for her safety. Thanks in advance.


ETA: her dad says she left her pack with him, so all she has is what she was wearing: the vest in the pic, a Cannibal Corpse hoodie, a black lace-trimmed cami, jeans and ankle-length black leather boots.

~ ~ ~

Original Post: http://bifemmefatale.livejournal.com/861724.html

LAFFListers, please help and spread the word any way you can. Twitter, Facebook, LJ, etc!

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  Jimmy... or Dartanion Dragonwolf is on the move again. My dear sweet friend Lauren Hopkins tracked him down on Facebook and he apparently streams on JustinTV every day... just about stupid shit.


He's getting kicked out of Washington now for being an ass and said he's going to Austin. So if you know anyone in Austin. Warn them not to last this Baby Fur in their house. He will continue to steal and be fatty fatso fagot fat.

That was your warning on behalf of the universe. Thank you.
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Taking commissions once again! [18 Aug 2010|08:46pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I’m trying to raise funds to get to Further Confusion 2011. I’m taking requests for badges and icons.

Please see my FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/midwestcougar/) for further details and pricing.

Thank you,


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Noah's Ark outing carpool [06 Aug 2010|07:21pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Is there anybody in the Milwaukee area that's going to this? I wanna go but would much prefer to car pool. I live about 10 minutes off of 43 but could meet at a park n ride somewhere. I'd pitch in some for gas of course.

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Need some new friends [01 Aug 2010|01:50pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone, I haven't been active much in this community, but I'd like to change that. I'm a 25yr old Female PandaCat looking to make some new friends to hang out with. I'm in the rolling meadows/schaumburg area. Feel free to look me up and contact me, I have FB, Myspace, Pounced, AIM and YIM.

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Morphicon August 2010 Newsletter Now Available! [01 Aug 2010|02:31pm]

Morphicon Miscellanea - August 2010 Edition

-= Morphicon End-of-Summer Picnic =-
Yes, fellow furs, it is that time of year to once again look forward to the Morphicon picnic. As in previous years, the picnic will be held at Sharon Woods Metro Park, just north-east of Columbus, and on September 4th. While we understand this is Labour Day weekend, we also know it'll be a great excuse for having to take off Friday from work if "necessary"!
Food, of course, will be gratis, however, if there is anything in particular you would like or want to share with the group please feel free to bring it along. Food donations will also be happily accepted. Activities will include all the amenities the park has to offer, with the addition of horseshoes, frisbee, wiffle ball, and Pictionary. Should you have any events you would like to see please let us know.
With the date still a month away we have plenty of time for flexibility. If you would like to bring any food or something else to do, please send an e-mail to publicity @ morphicon.org and we will get back to you. Information and directions to the park can be found here: Sharon Woods Metro Park. See you there!

-= The Woollybear Festival is Coming! =-
Vermilion, Ohio is once again preparing for the 38th Annual Woollybear Festival & Parade, the largest one-day gathering in the state! On September 26th, thousands will flock the quaint town of Vermilion, located on the shores of Lake Erie. Events will include the parade, music, games, fair food, and more! For more information on the festival, please see the Woollybear Festival home page.
Morphicon has traditionally played a part in the festivities and would like to do so again this year. If you would like to participate, please send a e-mail to publicity @ morphicon.org so we can get in touch with you and coordinate. Please note, this is a family festival and while ears, tails, and fursuits are welcome, anything stronger than G-rated is highly discouraged.

-= Calling All Artists =-
We are always looking for art for various publications we put out. If you have anything you would like to donate, please don't hesitate to let us know. Submissions can always be sent to publicity @ morphicon.org at any time.
Right now, we are requesting art for our Furry Trackers Guide, a booklet for con-goers, showing various locations were one might procure food, access an ATM, etc. The art should reflect this year's theme of Furries in Wonderland, with a focus on a specific section. Please feel free to send any questions and artwork to Lightpaws. We can't guarantee we can use all the art but your contribution will be mentioned nonetheless.

Want to see additional content or have something to say about the latest newsletter? Please visit the enhanced HTML version at Morphicon.org and let us know what you think!
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We flooded. Again. [24 Jul 2010|01:49pm]

So, we flooded about 1:30, we're exhausted and damp and need help and bleach wipes and garbage bags and hands. If you can help or signal boost, I'd appreciate it.

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
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bowling meet [15 Jul 2010|03:38pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

hi hi everyone! i'm gcan.
I've been planning to go to the bowling meet this Saturday and i was wondering if anyone who is in, or is passing through Chicago would be able to give me a ride. I can always use the metra, but It doesn't allow me to attend the pre/post bowling events, which makes me sadface. I'm able to meet you anywhere within the CTA/ Metra transit radius, and you can easily drop me off at any CTA Red/Blue line stop on the way back. (since they run allllllll night)
~thanks bunches!

(P.S. If you want a few bucks for gas thats no problemo)

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Last Call for RSVPs for the MFF Summer Picnic/July LAFF Softball Game [13 Jul 2010|09:27pm]

Short and sweet, since you've heard it all before:
What: The July LAFF Softball Game and Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic
When: Saturday, July 17. Practice for softball starts at noon, and the game starts at 2 PM sharp. The Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic will start at approximately 6 PM, right after the final softball game
Where: Prairie Springs Park in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

FREE FOOD! (For more details, see: http://community.livejournal.com/laffsoftball/52748.html)


If you don't get your RSVP in by then, we can't guarantee we'll have food for you! (though we will try to accommodate everyone we can). How do you RSVP for the softball game and/or the picnic? Do you reply to this post? NO! However, you can send an email to steviemaxwell *at* gmail *dot* com with the subject line of "July RSVP" or comment on this post. (Please state if you'll be attending the game and/or the picnic when you RSVP, and remember that an RSVP stating that you "might" be there is not an RSVP because we "might" have food for you...or we might not :-)

The weather forecast for Saturday is good - partly sunny, with a high in the mid-80's. Pack your sunscreen, and drink lots of water!
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LAFF July Softball/MFF Summer Picnic 2010! [02 Jul 2010|10:45am]

Now that we're all mostly recovered from Anthrocon...

The July LAFF Softball Game and Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic are just a two weeks away on Saturday, July 17. All of the fun will be at Prairie Springs Park in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (just north of the IL/WI border).

Practice for softball starts at noon, and the game starts at 2 PM sharp. The Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic will start at approximately 6 PM, right after the final softball game.

What's on the menu for the picnic, you ask? Hamburgers, this year. But not just any burgers - these will be the product of a cookoff between Midwest FurFest and Furry Connection North! Takaza (the chairman of Midwest FurFest) and his team of cooks are taking on Gir Tygrin (chairman of Furry Connection North) and his crew in a good old-fashioned grill-off with the results decided by YOU! (A limited number of chicken breasts will also be available for those who prefer not to eat red meat - please let us know in advance if you want chicken, please!)

Dinner will be accompanied by various salads and desserts. We'll have water and Gatorade available throughout the day as well. Additionally, both grill teams will be making fun grilled appetizer all day long for players and fans to snack on. Best of all, it's all FREE courtesy of your hometown furry convention, Midwest FurFest! We have ulterior motives, of course :-) Midwest FurFest exists because of volunteers, and new volunteers and staff are always needed to keep the convention thriving. If you have any questions about the convention, if you're interested in volunteering, or you just want to learn how it all comes together, feel free to ask any of the folks with a Midwest FurFest nametag and they'll be happy to help you out.

Now here's the important bit: RSVPS ARE DUE BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 14! If you don't get your RSVP in by then, we can't guarantee we'll have food for you! (though we will try to accommodate everyone we can). How do you RSVP for the softball game and/or the picnic? Do you comment on this post? NO! However, you can send an email to steviemaxwell *at* gmail *dot* com with the subject line of "July RSVP" or comment on this post. (Please state if you'll be attending the game and/or the picnic when you RSVP, and remember that an RSVP stating that you "might" be there is not an RSVP because we "might" have food for you...or we might not :-) In the event of bad weather, an announcement will be made to the LAFF list and LJ communities regarding the status of the picnic on the morning of the game.
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An introduction of sorts [02 Jul 2010|12:05am]

Perhaps I should actually make a post, considering I joined this group, and I've just started using LJ again yesterday. Even then it's just stuff being crossposted from my wordpress blog.

Anyway, hello. My name is Samui, though my friends also call me "Sam", "Sammy", and "Samu". I moved to Elgin, IL back in February from my temporary home in Bremen, IN. Before that I lived in Sacramento for three years. I was born and raised in Hartford, CT. After having lived in all those places, I'd say I prefer living up north. The temperatures are bearable here, even in the summer (despite my griping about the humidity which i actually missed so much in Sac).

The things I do in my spare time, when I am not hauling loads of carts, include text-based roleplaying, writing, and gaming. I also run a community for those things (excluding carthauling, of course).

I don't know what else to say about myself. My profile should be up to date on the whole age and gender thing. If not, then...I'm 23 and male. Feel free to hit me up on IM if you wanna talk or ask me something.

AIM/YIM: Samuikon
Twitter: icekitsune
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[30 Jun 2010|06:13pm]


I'm a 24 year old straight female fur from Texas who will be joining you guys fairly soon. I'll hopefully be moving in October and that day can't come soon enough.. >.> I HATE where I currently live. I'm not entirely sure when I'm moving to yet but I do want to be kinda close to Chicago, without actually living in the city. I'm considering Roselle, Hanover Park, or Elgin.
I don't drive much, so being near a train station is important.

My character is a border collie named Sheep. I'll probably have a fursuit of her too. I haven't been active in the furry community in years due to the fact that there isn't a furry community even remotely close to where I live. I used to go to cons and stuff, but then I sorta just lost touch with the people I hung out with.
I'm a fursuit maker (Escaping Reality AKA Shengoh), and I also have a degree in veterinary technology.. aaand that's all I can think of for now.
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Moving up to LAFF area [21 May 2010|07:20pm]

Was wondering, besides Aiden, who all I already know up in that area =) I can't wait to go to furmeets and meet you all. So, talk to me ^.^

My YIM's was_here_15@yahoo.com....twitter is Texywolf. =3
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Hey I'm Jhusky [20 May 2010|12:03am]

Hey My name is Jhusky, I'm sorta new to being a furry (and don't understand livejournal at all) and want to become active in this group. It's pretty close to where I live and I could see myself going to some events. I live in Northwest suburbs (southern Lake County) and want to know if there's any furs near me. I also go to school in In Iowa. So I'm home for the summer but if your from Iowa feel free to message me as well!!

Awesome well, If your interested in getting to know me I'd love to chat with ya or meet up with ya sometime

BTW I'm 18 almost 19. Yes I'm  young haha.

So.... either contact me on here or
Aim: Jhusky267
MSN: Jhusky267@hotmail.com
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Need a favor from someone in Madison [20 Apr 2010|11:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Is there anyone on the list who lives in or close to Madison, WI, who would be available and willing to do a a favor on Sunday, May 2? I'm guessing it would take an hour or two of your time that day, and I'll be glad to offer something in return to make it worth your while (possibly including a commission if you happen to be an artist). If two or more of you are up for this I could use all of you (up to a point, anyway).

Edit: See my reply to hallan for more specifics.

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2nd Annual Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic! [15 Apr 2010|01:38pm]

We had so much fun last year, we're going to do it again! Midwest FurFest is delighted to announce The Second Annual Midwest FurFest Summer Picnic!

As with last year, this event is designed to bring the local community together outside of the usual November convention and to celebrate the wonderful spirit of the local furry folks.

Where and when will you find this nifty picnic? Why, immediately following the July LAFF Softball game on July 17, 2010, at Prairie Springs Park at Lake Andrea, Pleasant Prairie, WI! There is an awesome picnic pavillion located right by the softball field, so the picnic will take place rain or shine.

We've got plans for a traditional cookout, including burgers, hot dogs, and chicken breasts, as well as tasty side dishes and desserts. Did I mention the appetizers? Last year during the afternoon we had some fun with tasty grilled appetizers for folks to taste, including asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with lemon, jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon, and grilled pineapple and bananas. We're planning on working hard to top that this year!

As announced last weekend at Furry Connection North, the picnic this year will feature the first-ever cooking competition between furry conventions! Yes, girtygrin and the FCN crew will be taking on takaza and the MFF crew for a head-to-head burger battle! Whose cuisine will reign supreme? We'll find out!

We'll also have many members of the Midwest FurFest staff at the picnic (heck, you already see many of them at every softball game anyway!) and we'll be happy to talk about the convention, answer any questions you might have, and help you make plans for the convention!

Even though it's free, RSVP's will be very important for this event to make sure that we have enough food for everyone. Watch this space for information on how to RSVP as the picnic draws closer. We hope to see you then!
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REMINDER!! 5 Guys Burgers and Fries South 'burbs meet! [05 Apr 2010|08:57pm]

Where: 5 Guys Burger and Fries
15837 S. LaGrange Road
Orland Park, IL 60462

When: TOMORROW Tuesday, April 6th, 7:30pm
How much: $6-$10 per person depending on what you order, seating in kind of limited but they do have a patio and we can smoosh together. We all love each other, right? :p

Be there, for great awesomeness! Or just because their food is great.

Rayven Wolffe
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