Takaza J. Wolf (takaza) wrote in lafflist,
Takaza J. Wolf

2012 Six Flags Trip anyone?

I realized it has been ages since there has been a group trip to Six Flags Great America and realized that it could be a fun thing to get a group together to go enjoy the day at the park.

Even though we have a little bit of the 2011 season left (Fright Fest), it may be best to go ahead and plan ahead to next season so everyone has a chance to block their time on their calendars. If we are able to get interest for at least 20 people to go, we would be able to get a significant discount to the daily ticket price.

This would be in June/July timeframe and would not share a weekend with a convention or a planned LAFF event day (Bowling/Softball).

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and if enough folks show interest, I will get in contact with the park to get more details (including pricing).
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Hmm. I was actually hoping you could do it in conjunction with one of the LAFF softball weekends, like on a Sunday. I can only afford to make so many trips to Chicago so combining the two would be bonus.

I know you need to do what's best for the local crowd though.
I will see what I can do. The only downside is that Sundays after softball generally are MFF Staff meeting days, so may end up not getting as many folks if it is on the same day. I will see what I can work out with Quasi and Perro to see if we can't work something out :)
Perhaps you could even use this as a replacement for the MFF picnic.
perhaps...cause now I can do things, like walk around amusement parks;)
I would be interested.
I'd be interested in such an event!