yarrick_da_wuff (yarrick_da_wuff) wrote in lafflist,

MNFurs invites our LAFF friends to join us at OMFG in October

MNFurs is throwing our next major event: October Minnesota Furry Gathering .

Alongside the party we are throwing a dance; and we’d like to invite our LAFF friends to join in the bass thumping music with us as we shake our tails all night.

This event is the evening of October 15th at the Ramada Inn - Mall of America.

Registration is $20 at the door, or $15 if you have local friends to buy the tickets (sorry we’re note quite ready for online registration). Hotel rooms are $94 a night if you reserve them before September 24th.

For more information and times you can head over to http://laff-omfg.mnfurs.org/.

We hope you will come to help us celebrate the end of summer before old man winter traps us all in our dens for the winter.
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