Samii Tiger (samiitiger) wrote in lafflist,
Samii Tiger

LAFF Ren Faire Trip RSVPs

A few months ago, I sent out the announcement for this year’s Bristol Ren Faire Trip. I figure that after 6 previous years of running the event, I could try and get discounted tickets for those who are attending. Here’s the catch, though. I need at least 13 other people outside of my partner and I to commit to going before I can call and ask the cost. I’m still aiming to do the trip as a free-form even where you do your own thing, but I want to at least get cheaper admission for us.

If you’re interested, please go to and let me know. On Saturday, March 5th, I’ll email those of you who have responded with confirmation, then again in May before I purchase the tickets.

Thanks in advance,
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