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2011 LAFFSoftball Dates!

Drumroll please.....

This year, we'll have 7 games again. HOWEVER, there will be NO MFF sponsored game this year. So all of the games will be played at the usual ball diamond(s) at Madison Meadows, in Lombard. Game time is 2 PM...practice will start at Noon. Details can be found here:

The dates:

April 23
May 21 (SoftBowl)
June 18 (SoftBowl) (DucKon)
July 16 (SoftBowl)
Aug 20 (SoftBowl)
Sept 17 (SoftBowl)
Oct 1

Note that the last games are only 2 weeks apart.

As in the past, if there's a rain out, I'll see if there's enough
interest to have it the next weekend, but there are many more local
events, so there's something to keep in mind. The exception is the April
game: April 30 is the rain date for that one.

As of today, there are NO scheduled events (other than bowling) on the
days picked. Please keep that in mind, as I've looked thru all the
calendars to pick these dates. And most of the dates are LAFFBowl dates,
so you can come to both events.

LaffSoftball also has a Twitter account now, for last minute announcements, reminders, etc.:
If possible, I wil post the last second announcements in the LaffSoftball LJ community as well.

So, start hunting down your cleats and gloves, and we'll see ya in April!

Softball Skunkie
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