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Chicago Furs Drawing Club?

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Hey Chicago furs!

Now, this is entirely hypothetical at this point, but I was curious to see if anyone would be interested in perhaps starting a drawing club with me once the weather gets warmer. I used to do scientific illustration stuff at the Field Museum of Natural History for about a year, and now that I've got a full-time job I've been missing it horribly. (I'm also hoping to gain some teaching/group management skills from this, as I'm currently toying with the idea of becoming a part time art instructor. =\)

Ideally the group would meet up at a predetermined location once a month or so depending on demand, and we'd just spend the entire day drawing. The idea behind the club would be improving drawing skills by designating a set amount of time for practicing technical skills. I have a BFA, so I don't mind giving technical drawing tips to anyone who wants them. At the end of the day we would regroup and see what everyone has been working on. We'd all be each others' peers and help each other improve.
The club would be open to all skill levels and to anyone who wishes to learn technical drawing skills in a semi-professional environment. Think of this as a pretty liberal class. We won't have assignments, but you will be expected to show up prepared to work on something during the club meetings and to be able to learn how to give and receive constructive critique. I'm a pretty firm believer in the idea that you cannot draw believable cartoons unless you have a solid understanding of drawing from life. (Don't worry, I'm not going to make anyone draw realistically if they don't want to.)

Right now I'm thinking about holding the club at the Lincoln Park Zoo, since it's not only free, but I imagine everyone here would be more interested in drawing animals. There's also the arbor/botanical garden there for people more interested in non-moving subjects or landscape. Heck, maybe we can have "field trips" every now and then to museums (ideally planned around museum free days.) We would meet up at a set location at the zoo for a brief meeting before I would release everyone to go find something they want to draw. Then we'd meet up again at a set time to share what we've been working on. This could be anything from sketches, gesture drawings, caricatures, character designs, technical drawings, to full finished pieces. We'd give each other constructive critique and discuss...whatever. Again, I expect everyone to be somewhat professional in their behavior. Think of this as a sort of class.

Anyone interested? Suggestions?
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