September 17th, 2002

Midwest Fur Fest needs Gophers...

(Sorry about the cross post)

With Midwest Fur Fest fast approaching, it’s time for me to recruit furry folks to help make this year’s convention the best convention ever. We need volunteers to gopher for the various departments at the convention, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in helping. We only need a couple hours of your time. In return, you’d be rewarded for your time with a special gopher button and print made by our guest of
honor. For anyone willing to give more than time, we have crash space available, and for individuals willing to give us 10 or more hours, we have registration reimbursement. So, if you willing and able to help, please email me with the following information:

Real Name-
Badge Name-
The day you can help-
Area you’d like to help in-

Some of the areas we need help in are:
-Con Suite
-Art Show (Bag Checker/Set up and Tear down)
-Charity Auction
-Internet Room (Monitor)
-Dealers Room (Badge check)
-Badge check for the dance

Hours earned are DOUBLED from 11:00PM to 6AM, so you can earn
reimbursement in as little as 5 hours when working the late hours!!!


Thanks so much!
Rachel “Dali” Hug
MFF Gopher Wrangler