September 4th, 2002

(North)Western Suburbs Dinner - September 7, 2002

I don't know if there's anyone here who doesn't also get LAFF mail, but in the event they didn't see this...

Just to remind folks:
Where: Giordano's Pizza, 270 N. McHenry Road, Buffalo Grove, IL
When: 6:00 PM, Saturday, September 7, 2002

We're going to assemble there for tasty Chicago-style pizza, hanging out, and general fun. If that isn't enough, after dinner we're going to head down the road to Super Just Games (557 Waukegan Rd, Northbrook, IL) for a few hours of cheap arcade action (Super Just Games has the nickname "The Nickel Arcade" because all the games take nickels, not quarters).

Who's planning to attend? Well, this is who we've heard from so far:
duncandahusky & takaza
datahawk & posicat
Barbarian & Chouette (and maybe Ed)
Chris Coe/Lander (if he can get a ride from Indiana)
Wastrel (dobhran75) (if he can get a ride from Chicago's north side)
daveqat (if he can get a ride from Milwaukee)
DBruin (dbruin)

So, who else wants to join us? Please e-mail me at (or post a reply here) by noon on Friday. Again, we're looking forward to seeing all of our old friends plus some of the new folks who have joined LAFF recently!
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