April 5th, 2002


After the WSD.

Last night's dinner went well, although I now remember why I don't order pizza for large groups very often: I have enough trouble deciding what I want for dinner without involving myself in the food choices of several other people. Some folks couldn't make it, (hope you're feeling better, Jim) and the 16 or so people we ended up with trickled in over the course of an hour or so, with Tincrash dropping by about 8:30 to show off his new bug on the way home from the dealership and Kodian dropping by to be sociable at around 9pm after all the plates had been licked clean and people had begun to flee.

I may well do the next dinner at that Irish place in Brookfield, and will take that as an excuse to try to grab some people to go check it out in the meantime. I'll bet duncandahusky or mirkowuff knows what it's called, even...