April 4th, 2002



Well, it's about six hours from the Western Suburbs Dinner. There are eighteen people who have expressed one degree or another of intent to come. Some of those people were pretty iffy, we can be an indecisive lot... I made a reservation for a nice even twenty, figuring we can easily give up some space if people end up flaking on a grand scale.

LAFF has been good to me. I've made some very good friends through this group, and I'll admit my tendency is just to hang out with small groups of those friends, rather than taking my chances with the huge numbers you can get at come-one-come-all sort of events. At the same time, I sometimes feel it's unfortunate that there aren't more of those kinds of events to help bring new blood into the group. (Mmmmm... New blood...) The upcoming softball games and the resumption of monthly WSD's should help with that, though.

On the topic of dinners, if anyone has any thoughts on restaurants which would be a good fit for a WSD (good food, not too expensive, can handle large, amorphous groups), let me know. Seems like most of the restaurants I've been to and enjoyed lately tend to be too small to deal with a party as large as we can get, and if WSD's become a regular thing again I imagine people will get tired of Portillo's, Giordano's, Famous Dave's, and Diamond Buffet in pretty short order. :)
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