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Hello! Im Pac Dunn (Tommy Peregoy) [21 Apr 2017|11:29pm]

Im new to LAFF and would love to participate in the events. I am of course a furry and i want to start it easy by going to one of LAFF's events before cons and stuff. Im 15 and live in Bolingbrook, IL
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Morphicon T-Shirt Contest Now Open!!! [13 Feb 2012|09:45pm]

There once was a con in Columbus,
Who had a problem quite humongus,
The shirts to be worn,
Remain unadorned,
So we call upon you - please save us!

That right folks, we need your help! The t-shirts we so love to have every year are still blank slates in need of love. We're calling upon all artists, established or not, to submit your artwork for the annual Morphicon t-shirt contest. Entries need to be rated G to PG-13 and must relate to this year's theme Fables and Furry Tails. The deadline is March 15th and you could win a free Patron or Sponsor level registration!

For more information, including submission guidelines, please see our website - www.Morphicon.org. We look forward to see what kind of wonderful you can come up with!
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Hello everyone I will be heading to the il chicago area in december looking to meet new people [14 Nov 2011|05:57pm]

Ill be heading to chicago from december 20th until new years day to spend time with my gf. An would really like to meet some new furs in a different state if you would e interested in chatting or setting something up. please send me a message on aim thekidd179 yahoo christopher_kidd2000 or text 6319213856
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Change of plans [16 Oct 2011|06:59pm]

Due to people not being able to make it tonight, Screams in the Park has been moved to Friday October 21st. We will be meeting at 8pm. I will still have the coupons for whoever wants them, so message me and I will keep count of how many we need. I hope to see you all there! It is by movieco down the street from the MFF hotel here is the website: wwww.screamsinthepark.com. See you then!
Saphire Dragon
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Screams in the Park tonight [16 Oct 2011|05:46pm]

I am getting some people together to go to Screams in the Park in Rosemont tonight. We are meeting at 8pm outside the attraction. I have 5 dollar off coupons for everyone so that will make it $15 to get in. It is by the Movieco down the street from the MFF hotel. Message me if you want to come and I will make sure you have a coupon.
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Boo at the Zoo in Milwaukee [02 Oct 2011|08:12am]

I'd heard that the LAFF list made this an event last year.  Is my memory correct?  Is anyone planning on going?
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Bicycling event in DeKalb this Saturday [21 Sep 2011|11:20pm]

This is what I get for not frequenting the local bike shop...

, There is a charity bike event in DeKalb Illinois this SATURDAY called "Ride Like An Egyptian"

Onsite registration is 25.00 with an option to get an event t-shirt for 12.00.  Registration is from 8am-10am when the event begins.

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2012 Six Flags Trip anyone? [19 Sep 2011|11:09am]

I realized it has been ages since there has been a group trip to Six Flags Great America and realized that it could be a fun thing to get a group together to go enjoy the day at the park.

Even though we have a little bit of the 2011 season left (Fright Fest), it may be best to go ahead and plan ahead to next season so everyone has a chance to block their time on their calendars. If we are able to get interest for at least 20 people to go, we would be able to get a significant discount to the daily ticket price.

This would be in June/July timeframe and would not share a weekend with a convention or a planned LAFF event day (Bowling/Softball).

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and if enough folks show interest, I will get in contact with the park to get more details (including pricing).
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MNFurs invites our LAFF friends to join us at OMFG in October [14 Sep 2011|10:16pm]

MNFurs is throwing our next major event: October Minnesota Furry Gathering .

Alongside the party we are throwing a dance; and we’d like to invite our LAFF friends to join in the bass thumping music with us as we shake our tails all night.

This event is the evening of October 15th at the Ramada Inn - Mall of America.

Registration is $20 at the door, or $15 if you have local friends to buy the tickets (sorry we’re note quite ready for online registration). Hotel rooms are $94 a night if you reserve them before September 24th.

For more information and times you can head over to http://laff-omfg.mnfurs.org/.

We hope you will come to help us celebrate the end of summer before old man winter traps us all in our dens for the winter.
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Anybody want some End Bac? [26 Mar 2011|12:19am]

I am the proud owner of 17 cans of End Bac II(that wonderful stuff you spray the insides of fursuits with). Oddly enough I bought them at the local Borders that is closing down.

Quasi already claimed 2
DBruin claimed 3
I'm gonna keep 1

That leaves 11 cans

The end price was 1.18 per can.
I can make delivery on the 20th of April. I will be in Lisle then.
Of course keep an eye out for closing Borders bookstores near you as they are selling off everything apparently and the End Bac was part of their Cafe sell off. 
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LAFF Ren Faire Trip RSVPs [23 Feb 2011|02:22pm]

A few months ago, I sent out the announcement for this year’s Bristol Ren Faire Trip. I figure that after 6 previous years of running the event, I could try and get discounted tickets for those who are attending. Here’s the catch, though. I need at least 13 other people outside of my partner and I to commit to going before I can call and ask the cost. I’m still aiming to do the trip as a free-form even where you do your own thing, but I want to at least get cheaper admission for us.

If you’re interested, please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2T7HRTT and let me know. On Saturday, March 5th, I’ll email those of you who have responded with confirmation, then again in May before I purchase the tickets.

Thanks in advance,
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2011 LAFFSoftball Dates! [19 Feb 2011|03:20pm]

Drumroll please.....

This year, we'll have 7 games again. HOWEVER, there will be NO MFF sponsored game this year. So all of the games will be played at the usual ball diamond(s) at Madison Meadows, in Lombard. Game time is 2 PM...practice will start at Noon. Details can be found here:

The dates:

April 23
May 21 (SoftBowl)
June 18 (SoftBowl) (DucKon)
July 16 (SoftBowl)
Aug 20 (SoftBowl)
Sept 17 (SoftBowl)
Oct 1

Note that the last games are only 2 weeks apart.

As in the past, if there's a rain out, I'll see if there's enough
interest to have it the next weekend, but there are many more local
events, so there's something to keep in mind. The exception is the April
game: April 30 is the rain date for that one.

As of today, there are NO scheduled events (other than bowling) on the
days picked. Please keep that in mind, as I've looked thru all the
calendars to pick these dates. And most of the dates are LAFFBowl dates,
so you can come to both events.

LaffSoftball also has a Twitter account now, for last minute announcements, reminders, etc.:
If possible, I wil post the last second announcements in the LaffSoftball LJ community as well.

So, start hunting down your cleats and gloves, and we'll see ya in April!

Softball Skunkie
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Chicago Furs Drawing Club? [09 Feb 2011|07:23am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

(cross posted from chicago_furs and my own LJ)

Hey Chicago furs!

Now, this is entirely hypothetical at this point, but I was curious to see if anyone would be interested in perhaps starting a drawing club with me once the weather gets warmer. I used to do scientific illustration stuff at the Field Museum of Natural History for about a year, and now that I've got a full-time job I've been missing it horribly. (I'm also hoping to gain some teaching/group management skills from this, as I'm currently toying with the idea of becoming a part time art instructor. =\)

Ideally the group would meet up at a predetermined location once a month or so depending on demand, and we'd just spend the entire day drawing. The idea behind the club would be improving drawing skills by designating a set amount of time for practicing technical skills. I have a BFA, so I don't mind giving technical drawing tips to anyone who wants them. At the end of the day we would regroup and see what everyone has been working on. We'd all be each others' peers and help each other improve.
The club would be open to all skill levels and to anyone who wishes to learn technical drawing skills in a semi-professional environment. Think of this as a pretty liberal class. We won't have assignments, but you will be expected to show up prepared to work on something during the club meetings and to be able to learn how to give and receive constructive critique. I'm a pretty firm believer in the idea that you cannot draw believable cartoons unless you have a solid understanding of drawing from life. (Don't worry, I'm not going to make anyone draw realistically if they don't want to.)

Right now I'm thinking about holding the club at the Lincoln Park Zoo, since it's not only free, but I imagine everyone here would be more interested in drawing animals. There's also the arbor/botanical garden there for people more interested in non-moving subjects or landscape. Heck, maybe we can have "field trips" every now and then to museums (ideally planned around museum free days.) We would meet up at a set location at the zoo for a brief meeting before I would release everyone to go find something they want to draw. Then we'd meet up again at a set time to share what we've been working on. This could be anything from sketches, gesture drawings, caricatures, character designs, technical drawings, to full finished pieces. We'd give each other constructive critique and discuss...whatever. Again, I expect everyone to be somewhat professional in their behavior. Think of this as a sort of class.

Anyone interested? Suggestions?

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[06 Feb 2011|09:39pm]


Yo, Furfolks! Reposting this from my journal because war has been declared. Bailey Mannix (AKA Pawnce Puma) is in the running for sexiest wrestler in the midwest! But now there's a challenge from Brandon Aarons. And that kid's a homophobe. (Like, for serious.)

So, let's show what the furry fandom can do and keep one of our own on top!

Vote Bailey Mannix!

(And here's a little fan service!)
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Announcing MNFurs: Snowpocalypse Winter Event! [21 Jan 2011|10:36pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Snowpocalypse a MNFurs Event

A cold wind has blown through the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The fish huddle under two feet of snow and four feet of ice. Wolves play in the snow while bears sleep peacefully in their dens; and all the furries are coming out in packs to the Snowpocalypse!

Last year MNFurs put on their first winter hotel event. It was a smashing success.

This year we are going to put on a new one-day winter event at a bigger venue and with the fun cranked up to a snowy 11.

  • When is it: Saturday March 12th, events start at 2pm.

  • Where is it: Country Inn & Suites - 6003 Hudson Road, Woodbury MN 55125. Right off of Highway 94 near the Eastern 494/94 interchange.

  • Who can go: Anyone willing to drive to Minnesota during the winter.

  • How much: Registration for "The Den", Ice cream social, and badge $10 at the door.

  • Can I Get A Room: If you plan on staying late our hotel the Country Inn & Suites will have rooms at a special MNFurs rate. To find out more about the hotel and the room rate go to http://www.mnfurs.org/snowpocalypse/snowpocalypse-lodging/.

  • What Can I Do There: This event will have a little bit of everything. Including a dance, fursuit games, card games, and so much more. We have enough ample room to keep areas free to draw and socialize in. The schedule will be available soon on the mnfurs website!

  • Where can I learn more: We have an ever evolving site at http://www.mnfurs.org/snowpocalypse/ that will have the latest information about the event.

Snowpocalypse is going to be a great time and lets hope you can come too!


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NakamaCon Artist Alley [20 Jan 2011|08:57pm]

[ mood | busy ]


I'm the coordinatrix for the Artist Alley at NakamaCon 2 in Madison, Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend (http://www.nakamacon.com). Now that the holidays have passed, I need to gear up and find artists to fill that alley!

Since we’re a young convention, we’re trying some new and exciting things in various departments of the con, but most notably in our Artist Alley.


$25.00* - Artist Package - Guarantees you a three foot space at a table, and not only that, but your membership is also included in this package! Break times are very flexible, and we take zero of your hard earned money past the initial $25.00* fee. NO lotteries. NO waiting to see if you get a table each day. It's yours throughout the convention!

Of course there would be some that would ask why pay the $25.00* if I'm not going to be at the convention all the time or in artist alley for more then a few hours at a time? NakamaCon will have a couple of tables set aside in a "free-for-all" fashion for those who only want to do art for short periods of time. However, as an artist you would be missing out on a great deal by not going the $25.00* approach and those "free-for-all" tables would be on a first-come-first-claimed basis.

Eventbrite registration information will be given to you once you e-mail your inquiries to artists[at]nakamacon.com.

Artists will be allocated a (3x3) space on a (3x6) table. You will be sharing a table with a fellow artist. Each artist will have the space for the duration of the convention and will not have to give up said area if they need to go to panels or for any other reason for vacancy. We do ask that if you are gone longer than 15 minutes you do let patrons know by using a sign that will let them know when you are to return.

Adult material must be bound in a non-see through folder, and your name plate must show that you have adult material (nameplates will be provided). The transaction between you the artist and the buyer is between the artist and buyer only. NakamaCon will not become involved in any disputes over payments or property rights. However, we will be glad to hand out forms to the artist upon arrival that will help with orders and commissions. If you have your own materials we suggest using what you are comfortable with.

Finally, your name and a link to your website will be listed on our website and other promotion as artists who will be in the artist alley, providing you with some great exposure and opportunity for art sales both before and after the convention.

Interested? Know of an artist who might be interested? Please feel free to pass this info on. Though the con isn't until May, spots are filling up!

NakamaCon 2 Artist Alley Coordinator

* - Price plus eventbrite ticket fee of $1.81
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Blah.... [18 Dec 2010|11:25am]

[ mood | bored ]

Another weekend with nothing to do, no plans.

Guess I'll just rest and play some video games.

Unless someone out there in laffland is just as bored as I am....

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Morphicon Miscellanea - December 2010 Edition! [17 Dec 2010|12:05am]

-= That Time of the Year =-
Yep, Winter is here again in Columbus. The snow's blowing, folks are travelling, and everything's just plain cold. For you thinner furred among us, there is no better time to use the weather as an excuse to cuddle up next to your other half. For those with thicker coats, see you on the snowball field!

-= This Year's Theme - An Interview =-
Just because we're huddled in our homes trying to keep warm doesn't mean your dedicated staff isn't diligently working on Morphicon 2011. This month, your publicity fox cornered, *ahem*, sat down with our Con Chair Jewel and asked a few questions about this year's theme.

Why Furries in Wonderland?
The movie coming out was definitely a consideration, it adds a bit of timeliness to the choice. Another factor was that Alice In Wonderland is an excellent source to mine for inspiration. I think it's important for a convention theme to be visible to the con attendees. The theme should manifest itself in many ways throughout the convention. It should add a noticeable flair to aspects of the convention, things like decorations, content of performance events, t-shirts, etc. Alice in Wonderland is a great source for inspiration. There's so many iconic characters, places, and things from it. Everyone recognizes the phrase "Off with their heads" and understands the context that it comes from. In that sense Alice in Wonderland adds a lot of symbols that we can draw from to communicate the theme to the attendees.

Hasn't it been done before at other cons?
It has, but that shouldn't stop us from revisiting a good theme. Besides, we at Morphicon are going to do the theme in our own special way. Hopefully even better than when it was done in the past! There's also the issue of the sheer number of conventions now, it's practically impossible to avoid repeats. I believe the year before we did Inner City Critters that another nearby convention did Urban Furs.

Any ideas on what special events (outside the norm) we may have?
Well Morphicon always has the Atomic Battle of Doom, which is a nerf and foam boffer melee like none other. It's really kind of crazy to watch, and every year it gets bigger. There's also the free food which is always popular, and we might do something with an 'unbirthday' event, but there's nothing set in stone for that yet. We are still quite a ways out from the convention proper.

Is there anything else you'd like to add while I have you here?
I would definitely recommend the Spectacle of Doom to anyone who likes adult humor. It's a bit raunchy, but always a ton of laughs. Trickster does the writing every year, and I honestly think it only gets better each time. I'd also like to point out the charity quiz show that Trickster hosted last year. We'll be doing that again, and it was a big smash, so I'd encourage everyone to attend. Even if you don't get selected to play the audience can participate in the game. Besides, there's nothing more funny than seeing some poor confused fur try to remember what species Zig-Zag is.

As a last bit, and we haven't 100% finalized this yet, we should be having Frozen Oasis as an official convention event in place of the Friday dance. There's still some scheduling considerations that we need to figure out, but chances are they'll have the entire Adam's room (yes the far one near the lobby that nobody can find) for the party.

-= Tips for Travel =-
Seeing as more than a few of us will be on the move this season, and don't have a pack of sled dogs living next to us, we would like to offer a few tips for travelling. Please don't use this as a comprehensive list, this should just be used as a heads-up. To see a complete list of recommendations, please see www.TSA.gov if you plan to fly or www.Ohio.gov for trips by auto.

If travelling by plane, please arrive at the ticket counter at least 90 minutes early. The closer we get to Christmas, the longer the wait to pass through security. Also, you will need to remove your shoes and empty your pockets before passing through to the boarding area. If you plan on bringing a laptop it will need to be separate from other carry-on baggage. Lastly, you will not be able to bring your own beverages past the screening area. Bottled water and other refreshments should be available on the other side.

If travelling by car or truck is more your thing, keep in mind any, and every, thing can happen. In addition to your usual gear (jack, properly inflated spare tire, etc), you'll also want to add a nice, warm blanket to the list. A warm set of sock and waterproof boots aren't a bad idea if you have the room. A small amount of food and water is recommended in the event you're in less travelled areas. Lastly, if you have one, make sure your cell phone is properly charged.

Hopefully these recommendations will all be unnecessary. In the event they are not, however, we hope they will help to ensure you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season.

-= Panels, Here! Get Your Hot Panels! =-
With Morphicon only being a three day event, and with the large number of panels to choose from, we, your staff, would love to have your opinion on what you would like to see or attend at this year's con. We want to make Morphicon 2011 the best we can and, for that, we require your input. Art and gaming panels will again be present, as will writing and crafting panels. Spirituality and SIG's are both good bets, also. The question is, what would you like to see? Give us your raves and rants for panels past and tell us what you would like to include if we don't have it already. Until the new website is up and running, feel free to send your comments and ideas to programming @ morphicon.org and we'll make sure they get to the correct Track Head.

-= Frozen Fur Balls Con't =-
We are still working on having a fursuit bowling event. Though we would like to have it in January, it appears we will be shooting for sometime in February. A poll will be posted online soon so a date can be decided and registration will be necessary so we can get an accurate number for a group rate. Unlike the picnic, this will not be a free event. That's not to say something special might not be done, however. Stay tuned for more information or contact publicity @ morphicon.org? if you have any questions or ideas.

-= Still Searching for Artists - Now With Incentives! =-
Woohoo! We're getting art! But a few pictures doth not a conbook make. As always, we are looking for art for the various publications we put out and would love to see what you can come up with. Any donated art will have that artist's name put into a random drawing for a Morphicon t-shirt from years past! Your contribution will be appreciated and mentioned, but now you could also get some cool swag! Send any and all submissions to publicity @ morphicon.org!


Want to see additional content or have something to say about the latest newsletter? Please visit the enhanced HTML version at Morphicon.org and let us know what you think!
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[27 Nov 2010|12:58pm]

Hey there, Furfolks! It's getting cold, but our wrestling action is still HOT HOT HOT!


On December 11th at 6:30 at the T.F. North High School in Calumet City, we're hosting a benefit show for one of our fellow wrestlers who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 100% of the proceeds go towards helping with his medical bills!

Tickets are $15 for bleacher seating

$30 for front row (and access to our sexy after-party with the wrestlers and an open bar!)

Please come and support our cause.
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Realistic type ears and rabbit tails [28 Oct 2010|05:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've been testing ways to make ears for a few years now, and I think I found a pretty decent way to. I have a pair of black cat ears and a pair of white rabbit ears that are very customizable right now, but I can make more. The inside is lined with latex, though I did also come up with a way to make completely furred ears that are very cute as well. They can be attached to your head in many ways.

As for the tails, I also offer rabbit tails, both plain AND lighted. They can be with belt loops or with a velcro strap to hold them onto belt loops (meaning you don't need to wear a belt)... or even with elastic to hold if you wear them with pants with no loops.

Examples here.Collapse )

I sew, paint and uh... latex everything by hand!

I do have prices set in my head for them, but I might barter a bit. Contact me if you want something, the sooner the better!

If you're going to MFF I can bring them with me as I should be there on Friday so long as payment is given before hand.

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