Morphicon T-Shirt Contest Now Open!!!

There once was a con in Columbus,
Who had a problem quite humongus,
The shirts to be worn,
Remain unadorned,
So we call upon you - please save us!

That right folks, we need your help! The t-shirts we so love to have every year are still blank slates in need of love. We're calling upon all artists, established or not, to submit your artwork for the annual Morphicon t-shirt contest. Entries need to be rated G to PG-13 and must relate to this year's theme Fables and Furry Tails. The deadline is March 15th and you could win a free Patron or Sponsor level registration!

For more information, including submission guidelines, please see our website - We look forward to see what kind of wonderful you can come up with!

Change of plans

Due to people not being able to make it tonight, Screams in the Park has been moved to Friday October 21st. We will be meeting at 8pm. I will still have the coupons for whoever wants them, so message me and I will keep count of how many we need. I hope to see you all there! It is by movieco down the street from the MFF hotel here is the website: See you then!
Saphire Dragon

Screams in the Park tonight

I am getting some people together to go to Screams in the Park in Rosemont tonight. We are meeting at 8pm outside the attraction. I have 5 dollar off coupons for everyone so that will make it $15 to get in. It is by the Movieco down the street from the MFF hotel. Message me if you want to come and I will make sure you have a coupon.
Vantid Badge
  • takaza

2012 Six Flags Trip anyone?

I realized it has been ages since there has been a group trip to Six Flags Great America and realized that it could be a fun thing to get a group together to go enjoy the day at the park.

Even though we have a little bit of the 2011 season left (Fright Fest), it may be best to go ahead and plan ahead to next season so everyone has a chance to block their time on their calendars. If we are able to get interest for at least 20 people to go, we would be able to get a significant discount to the daily ticket price.

This would be in June/July timeframe and would not share a weekend with a convention or a planned LAFF event day (Bowling/Softball).

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and if enough folks show interest, I will get in contact with the park to get more details (including pricing).
Wolf Photography

MNFurs invites our LAFF friends to join us at OMFG in October

MNFurs is throwing our next major event: October Minnesota Furry Gathering .

Alongside the party we are throwing a dance; and we’d like to invite our LAFF friends to join in the bass thumping music with us as we shake our tails all night.

This event is the evening of October 15th at the Ramada Inn - Mall of America.

Registration is $20 at the door, or $15 if you have local friends to buy the tickets (sorry we’re note quite ready for online registration). Hotel rooms are $94 a night if you reserve them before September 24th.

For more information and times you can head over to

We hope you will come to help us celebrate the end of summer before old man winter traps us all in our dens for the winter.
  • rcfoot

Anybody want some End Bac?

I am the proud owner of 17 cans of End Bac II(that wonderful stuff you spray the insides of fursuits with). Oddly enough I bought them at the local Borders that is closing down.

Quasi already claimed 2
DBruin claimed 3
I'm gonna keep 1

That leaves 11 cans

The end price was 1.18 per can.
I can make delivery on the 20th of April. I will be in Lisle then.
Of course keep an eye out for closing Borders bookstores near you as they are selling off everything apparently and the End Bac was part of their Cafe sell off.