Cyan Icewolf (cyan_icewolf) wrote in lafflist,
Cyan Icewolf

Changes to Monday Night Burgers Chicago

There has been many thoughts on changing MNBChicago which I can understand and am feeling the same way too. Besides the last one I attended, they were generally four to six people, which is not bad but it doesn't seem like enough people to do it as a weekly event. Also not many people like having it on Mondays either.

So for this week I am cancelling MNBChicago. More than likely will start up again next Tuesday or Wednesday and probably stay at the current location, unless I find another, either way will provide the information here and my other usual locations.

Either way what I would like is for suggestions. Whoever has been please let me know what you liked, what you like to see changed, etc and I will see what I can come up with.

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